Anifah’s right in schooling Saifuddin in Parliament
21:10 Oct 23, 2018  |  By SabahKini2
Anifah’s right in schooling Saifuddin in Parliament

Anifah Aman was one of the most vocal foreign ministers during his time on many issues especially on South China Sea, Lahad Datu and many other issues

Author: Joshua Chan

I wish to comment on Phar Kim Beng’s article entitled “Why Anifah has no right to school Saifuddin in Parliament” dated 21 October 2018.

It is definitely outrageous to claim that Anifah relied on a single expert when it comes to maritime issues. The expert which Phar Kim Beng was referring to is Dr Azfar Mohamad Mustafar who was then the Director-General of the Department of Maritime Affairs at Wisma Putra who is a full-fledged PTD/ Senior civil servant  and was heading the issue of the South China Sea due to his position at the Maritime Affairs Department at Wisma Putra. He is well respected individuals with the appropriate academic credentials and referred to by many inside and outside of Wisma Putra. Naturally, he would be among the people that Anifah would refer to when it comes to South China Seas issues but it is very wrong and half baked of Phar Kim Beng who has not even had a single day working in Wisma Putra or understanding the government way of doing things to even assume that Dr Azfar was the only single expert Anifah referred to.

As the head of the subject matter, of course Dr Azfar was referred to and same as many officers at Wisma Putra during that time. He also referred to Dato’ Seri Ramlan who is the KSU, Raja Nurshirwan who is the TKSU of Bilateral Affairs as well as other related SUBs and many more who advised him during that time.

Phar Kim Beng if you don’t know don’t comment just for the sake of commenting or trying to show support for an ego injured new FM like Saifuddin and yes, we know you are friends with him. If you want to find cheap publicity there are other ways than tarnishing a noble man’s image such as Anifah Aman.

What have you done in comparison to Anifah Aman that gives you the right to criticize him? Were you there as a fly on the wall every single step of the way when Anifah was FM? By the way he was FM for 9 years and not 8 years. Even that simple fact also you got wrong makes one wonder about the credibility of all your other facts.

And yes we do know the resume of the officers you mentioned. Now let me tell you this. Is it wrong for Anifah to advice the new Foreign Minister to consult his very abled officers at Wisma Putra? Why are you attacking such good advice? The officers all serve the government  of the day whomever that may be their political master and they have a motto for the King and Country so what was so wrong about that? Is it bad advise? Why attack Anifah Aman personally or in this case accuse him without knowing the facts? Phar Kim Beng you just assume you know the facts when you don’t. well, you know what they say about people who assume right?

Furthermore, Anifah Aman did a lot for his King and Country that you would never even think of. Who do you think advised the then PM on how to retrieve the MH17 black box from the Ukrainian rebels? or when we successfully retrieved our Malaysians from North Korea without a single loss of life? Or when Malaysia won the non permanent seat the United Nations Security Council? or when Malaysia created history when resolution 2334 was passed at the United Nations Security Council? Shall I go on Phar Kim Beng? Or what about the negotiations at the Southern Philippines? All under the guidance of Anifah Aman and definitely with the help of our officers at Wisma Putra. What I just mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg to what Anifah Aman has done for our beloved country.

How dare you accuse Anifah Aman of not doing anything during the Lahad Datu Invasion or on South China Sea? Do you have proof Phar Kim Beng or are you talking out of your behind? Don’t forget that Anifah Aman is a Sabahan which you are definitely not. His family is in Sabah. Do you really think he would do nothing? How degenerate of you. Be very careful when spreading lies as it could land you in a lawsuit and ruin your reputation if you are not careful.

Anifah Aman was one of the most vocal foreign ministers during his time on many issues especially on South China Sea, Lahad Datu and many other issues. This is known by many. He refused to back down when it came to the South China Sea issue irregardless whether he was up against China or ASEAN or anyone else. It was always the main topic during ASEAN Summits, Meetings etc. Also at the UN level. When we had bilaterals, meetings with US, Australia and many more.  He even when against leaders locally and internationally when it came to safe guarding our beloved nation’s sovereignty. There were occasions when he was instructed to sign on behalf of the country certain international MOUs etc which he dare refuse when he believed it would be against our country’s interest. Ask anyone and they would tell you Anifah was indeed a working Minister who was well respected by many including his peers.

He introduced started so many initiatives such as the tripartite patrolling of the South China Sea. He was vocal about Lahad Datu inside and outside the government. Phar Kim Beng talk as if you know everything when you know nothing. You know many issues or very complex when it comes to our foreign policy and yet I am surprised to read such comments from a person like you which makes me question your entire existence.

Anifah has done a lot for the country and that is a fact. Phar Kim Beng should not recklessly  comment just to ‘kipas’ Saifuddin. Or are you just bitter as you were never in the picture? Even Tun Mahathir never criticised Anifah when it came to Foreign Policy and Anifah never criticised Tun Mahathir even when some instructed him to do so.

Anifah is a man of principles. He always puts the country and people first before anything else. And this was always proven. So cheap shots at him regarding his brother or personality merely for giving good sound advice to a new foreign minister really degrades you phar kim beng. The fact is you don’t know and yet you have the audacity to try and tarnish a good man such as Anifah Aman. Think before you speak Phar Kim Beng. What I have just mentioned is just a little of many contributions he has done. My advice to you and your dear friend is put aside your bruised ego. Take the sound advice when given for we are all fighting for a better Malaysia. Anifah was always labelled a rebel with a  cause as he would fight anyone when it comes to our Nation’s interest. He is indeed a for King and Country man. So stop tarnishing a good man’s name and stop being childish. It is indeed very unbecoming of you Phar Kim Beng.

By the way, if you are such an expert on Malaysian politics or foreign policy why didn’t you run in the previous elections and become a Foreign Minister? Theory dear Phar Kim Beng is so different than practical.

South China Sea and Malaysia’a sovereignty has always been the primary topic at any international meetings such as ASEAN and ASEAN related meetings, related bilaterals etc

Phar Kim Beng, please stop your childishness. Wake up and check your facts.


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